Unblocker #2

Tuesday Morning: Unblocker #2…If you’ve hit a temporary dead end with your writing or just want something new to try out, check out today’s Unblocker:

Write a scene with four characters, each has been struck by lightning, at different times/places/circumstances. They didn’t know, until they talked, that they all had this one thing in common. It is the ONLY thing they have in common.

I’m going to try to be more consistent, posting a few specific things to the blog and the Facebook site on a more regular basis. Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll plan to post an “unblocker” exercise for writers. These are short writing prompts or exercises designed to help you get “unstuck”. Enjoy!

P.S. Since I only posted the first Unblocker on the Facebook page, I’ll re-print it here. Eventually, the main website will have a running list of these:

Unblocker #1: Write a scene that begins with this line: “He saw her before she saw him.”


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