Short Version:

Finished my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Fiction) through the Queens University of Charlotte low-residency MFA program in January, 2012.

I’m probably working on a story to finish my collection, The Blues and The Oranges, or writing part of my novel, I Should Love You Less, or maybe I’m submitting stories to literary magazines.

I’m also actively pursuing creative writing clients: instruction, editing/critiquing, workshops, writer-in-residence, etc. Check out my web-site for more information.

Longer Version:

There’s a lot for me to say,
and about a hundred ways,
for me to wrap my words around your face.(Gene Eugene)

Anything I say, will be held against me,
So I won’t say much, or I’ll spill it all. (Over the Rhine)

A brief biography
of Eric Sheridan Wyatt
with places and people and things:

I was born in Hamilton, Ohio, in 1972.

My childhood was a good one. I had a loving mother and was incredibly close to my maternal grandparents. I attended Adams Elementary, Garfield Junior High, and Hamilton High School. I enjoyed all three. I felt I had good educational opportunities, most of which I took advantage of. My family and I attended Millville Avenue Church of God throughout my formative years. I learned a lot about people, about God, and about how people relate (or sometimes fail to relate) to God. I was blessed by many wonderful friends and mentors there. In 1990, several of us went to Peru on a missions trip. It was a life-changing moment. One I have not yet forgotten.

I began working at Marsh Supermarket in Hamilton when I was 16, and stayed there until I went to college after I graduated in 1991. In 1991 I was accepted at Ball State University, and went off to Muncie, Indiana, pretty much sight-unseen. I found Ball State to be a fine place to attend college. I learned a lot while studying there. Even more from the friends I made.

During the summers of college I worked at the Butler County Highway Department and at Beckett Paper (RIP). People think it weird that I found both of those jobs to be enjoyable. So, I’m weird.

Through it all there was a string of girls (if you can call two or three a string) who broke my heart. But its not polite to kiss and tell.

Thankfully, I met a girl named Cami, who I immediately swore I would never date.

I was wrong. She made me kiss her one December night, on the couch in Chris Cook’s apartment. Then tried to tell me we shouldn’t kiss again. (But, truth is, she was HOOKED!)

We were married in December of 1995. We graduated from Ball State in 1996 and set off for Texas – Lubbock, to be exact – where we taught school. Cami taught at Lubbock High School, in a classroom just a few feet from the locker Buddy Holly had as a student. I taught at Bozeman Elementary, with a fine group of teachers. We loved Texas, and found our way to a great group of friends at the Nazarene church there, as well as making several friends in our teaching community.

In 1998, I had run out of fuel as a teacher. I applied for law school, and was accepted at Cooley Law in Lansing, Michigan. They even offered to pay most of my way via scholarship. But God intervened. Karen Wenger called from Muncie. Her husband Fred was running for State Senate again, and I was invited to be his campaign manager. I thought, at the time, it would be a temporary diversion. A layover, if you will, on our way to Lansing.

Fred lost that race, but we stayed in Muncie. From 1999 to the end of 2004 I worked with Dick Shirey in the Center Township Trustee’s Office. We accomplished a lot there, I think, even if most of it has since been undone. We aren’t always called to succeed, but we must try.

In 2002 and 2003 we went through a deep spiritual conversion, during which we found our way home to the Catholic Church. There is much to be said and written about regarding those topics. They are still relevant to who we are today.

In December of 2004, I was offered a job at St. Joan of Arc parish in Kokomo, Indiana. I hadn’t been looking for a job really, but I was moved to come. I was blessed to work with Fr. Dennis O’Keeffe who taught me much about being a servant leader. Through some changes in pastoral leadership and various external circumstances, I decided to seek other employment. I am a free-lance writer, tutor, and occasional substitute teacher. I began my pursuit of a Masters of Fine Arts at Queens University of Charlotte in 2010.

My first love is writing. I have – for years – been involved in various levels of freelance writing, as well as writing some as-yet-unpublished fiction. It is my desire to grow more deeply into those areas of life. What does that mean for the future? It’s anybody’s guess! I’m looking into various low-residency Masters of Fine Arts programs, reading a lot, and writing as often as possible. I’m not sure where it will all lead.

And so we live in the now, and try not to worry too much about the future. We enjoy where we are, but we do not grow too attached. There is – after all – a likely change coming.

Along the way we’ve lost some friends and family who are irreplaceable: Some who were too young, taken too soon. Others who had lived a full life but who we still miss when a specific hymn is played or a certain joke is made. Through it all, we’ve been blessed.

I have hobbies which include writing, photography, guitar, painting, outdoorsy things (camping, gardening, etc), travel, wine making, and, honestly, the list goes on. I was called a Renaissance Man once. I’m not sure if she meant it as a compliment, or a rebuke…

Cami and I celebrated our 15th anniversary in 2010.  We live in Bradenton, Florida, with our beagle, Joy.


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    • Abi, I’m so glad you’ve come by the blog. I’m really happy to have you around. Let’s chat, any time, about your thoughts on the MFA and building up a disciplined routine and such. Those are just the sorts of things that I get all jazzed about!!!

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