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So, you wanna chat about literature or writing? Or maybe just want some more information? Awesome! Here’s a great-big-old-list of ways to get ahold of me.


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  1. Hello Eric,

    I like your blog, yet I am seeking some tools to improve my writing that I do not see on your blog. At the age of 53, I never have writers block, yet I do have a block when it comes to knowing how to improve my writing. Do you have any recommendations for online resources, videos, etc. that I can either read or watch when it is late and I am too tired to actually write, but still interested in learning in short increments as my free time allows?

    I appreciate any leads you have. My blog has a wide variety of posts. Feel free to check it out if you have the time, though I do not expect this as we all have a full plate it seems these days.

    By the way, I am starting to work with a writing coach, but know I need more resources.

    Much thanks,

    • Glad you like the blog. Have you checked out these “areas”?

      I have some posts on process and craft, gathered together here:

      My video blog talks about writing in short 3 to 5 minute videos:

      There are a number of books out there that go through the basics of fiction (or memoir, or legacy, etc). My suggestion is to go to the book store, get a pile of them off the shelf, sit down with a cup of coffee and look at them. Read the intro, look at the way the info is laid out, get a feel for the author’s style, etc, and pick a couple to digest. Ideally, ones with lots of exercises. Also, the “Unblockers” that I have featured on my blog ( are not just good for getting free of writer’s block, but also for focusing on different areas of story-telling. I’m not sure what genre you are writing, or interested in writing, so I don’t have a specific recommendation, yet.

      Ultimately, there is nothing better than guided feedback from someone who can read your work, help you see where it is strongest, and provide some guidance for making the weaker areas stronger. A writing coach, a creative writing instructor, a small group of readers who are dedicated to a building up process (as opposed to the kind of small workshop where the writers are jealous and try to tear each other down.) Reading books and articles (Writer’s Digest, Poets and Writers, etc are usually held in local libraries, and you can go read several year’s worth in one afternoon) will only get you so far until someone helps you learn how to look at your writing and see your own flaws in light of the “standard” of writing. Ideally, a writing coach or instructor isn’t just saying, “Hey, you’ve got a dry plot here,” they say, “OK, here’s why this isn’t working, here are the warning signs you look for when you are editing, here’s a couple ideas of how to fix this problem.”

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  3. Eric, it’s been awhile since we’ve crossed paths and since coming here this morning, I understand why. We’ve both had our breaks in our blogging lives, mine almost two years ago and yours more recently. However, I do appreciate you stopping by and liking my post this morning. I’m closing in on finishing a memoir and although I know you don’t take on new clients, I have added you to my list of editors to contact when the time is right. Good luck in whatever you choose to do and much success with your writing and teaching!

    • Hey Sherrey, glad you are getting close! I take on new clients at different times, it just depends on the current load and whatever obligations I may or may not have on the table. Push on through!! I’m excited for you!

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