The Feel of the World In Your Hands

Occasionally, a story, or poem, or song will move me beyond what it reasonably should.

This heart of mine is tuned to a strange frequency, but sometimes I find just the right point of resonance in an unexpected place.

I’m a big fan of Tift Merritt’s music. I enjoy all of her albums. I got to see her, along with Simone Dinnerstein, in Tampa last year.  But there is something about this song, The Feel of the World, that consistently tugs at my sentimental soul. Especially when she sings, “I picture you now, you are beautiful, you are golden, Just like you were when you thought no one was looking. Time will take care of you, love. Time will take care of you…”

I thought I would share it with you.

The lyrics are below. You can buy the mp3 of the original album version or the version recorded with Simone Dinnerstein. (Or, buy both of the albums…)

Listen here: 

The Feel of the World
Tift Merritt, See You On The Moon

I’ll tell you what I will miss –
California and horses,
Down by the sailboats where we waded in,
The feel of the world in my hands, in my hands,
The feel of the world in my hands.

And still so many ways that I love the wind –
From a storm in the sails to the breath on your lips,
It’s such a little thing, then again, then again,
The feel of the world in your hands, in your hands,
The feel of the world in your hands, in your hands.

Just like the Sunday we drove out from Houston,
Out to the edge of the world, out where the sky starts to bend,
After awhile in the sun, you’ll be sleeping, sleeping.

I picture you now – you are beautiful, you are golden,
Just like you were when you thought no one was looking.
Time will take care of you, love. Time will take care of you, love.
I will take care of you, love, again, again,
The feel of the world in my hands, in my hands,
The feel of the world in my hands, in my hands.


Musical Interlude

I used to post, quite often, about the best music deals I found on Amazon.

For me, music is a big part of my creative process. I don’t always listen to music as I write (though, sometimes, I create a sort of soundtrack for a story, especially in the editing phases) but music dramatically influences everything I write. The best music moves me emotionally, sonically, and creates a moving picture in my head.

Amazon has some great artists featured in their $2.99 MP3 album sale right now: Iron & Wine, She & Him, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver just to name a few.

In fact, there are so many I’d like to buy, I’m not sure where to begin.

If you look through the list and have any favorites, or suggestions for which Iron & Wine to buy, let me know in the comments below, or contact me via email. I need to narrow this list down a bit. Tell me your favorites?

November Music and Book Specials

I decided to combine the November specials in one place this month.

As always, these links will take you to Amazon. I receive a small percentage of any sales that come from these links. You are free to find the items on Amazon on your own or buy the products from another retailer. This is just a quick way to share the items that Amazon has on deep discount.



Amazon has a list of $5 holiday albums this month, too. Here’s the full list, or check out my recommendations. There’s plenty of others…check them out.


There are 100 books for $3.99 or less, including Michael Crichton’s, Prey, and Walker Percy’s, The Second Coming.


Weekly Roundup: What you missed?

Thanks to some fabulous Twitter folks and the Creative Writing MFA Blog, this has been a stellar week here on the Stories I Read, Stories I Tell blog. Lot’s of great traffic and discussion focused on my post, To MFA, Or Not.

I wanted to re-cap the other posts from the week, and hope to deflect a little of the spotlight on those posts as well.

Thanks so much to everyone for a record-breaking week. I really do appreciate all of the great emails and comments.
Have a great weekend. I’ll be back next week, ready to go!

Supplemental Blog: October Music to Write By

It’s already October! We are falling head-long into the holidays.

With a new month comes a new batch of inexpensive CD offerings from Amazon. I try to pick a few of the best from the $5 album list to share with you. A little something for everyone! Here’s this month’s list:

Here’s a few I plan to pick up this month:
Hope you find something you like! Happy Writing!

Inexpensive Music and Books for September

I always look forward to the start of a new month, because Amazon turns over their lineup of deeply discounted mp3 music and Kindle-based ebooks.

If I’m honest, I wait and buy most music this way now, and it is starting to be a larger portion of my book buying.

So, let me share a couple of suggestions with you for September:


The first two are great albums on sale for $5.99…but they aren’t a part of the regular, monthly $5 sale, so I’m not sure how long they’ll be offered at this reduced price:

Here are the top picks for September in the $5 bin:

Also selections from John Mayer, Carrie Underwood, No Doubt, Feist, and others…scroll through the list of 100.

The best thing about digital music is that you can listen to selections before making your purchase, so swing in and listen to some songs from these albums.


I do check the “Top Paid” and “Top Free” lists at Amazon’s Kindle store on a regular basis and I’ll occasionally run across something I’ve either missed seeing or at a “can’t resist” price.

As with the music, I also find myself downloading the sample pages from books more and more these days, and giving them a perusal before making up my mind to buy. Here’s a current list of the $3.99 (or LESS) books. Below, I’ve listed a few highlights.

Also, you can download Gandhi’s autobiography, the five-volume Life of George Washington, and all seven volumes of Abraham Lincoln’s writings for less than a dollar each.

Music to Write By

Every month Amazon runs their $5 mp3 album special. 100 albums, on sale. I’ve bought a LOT of these $5 albums over the years, because they are such a good deal. (Especially some of the “best of” albums of folks who I want a sample of, but don’t want to collect every song they ever put out…)

Often, I’ll tweet or post on Facebook if there is an album or two I am especially interested in, but I thought, why not just do a run down of the monthly offerings here on the blog.

(Yes, I do get a couple pennies if you follow the links and purchase the merchandise from Amazon, but you can by-pass that and go straight in through Amazon, on your own, and find the same deals by searching…)

$5 music for August that is already in my rotation:


$5 music for August that I will likely pick up later in the month:

So, whether you listen while you work, or use music to relax after a few hours working on your next masterpiece, these are some of MY recommendations for inexpensive musical treasures. Enjoy, and Happy Writing!!