A Week With Dorothy Parker: You Were Perfectly Fine

I hope you enjoyed the essays I posted this week focused on Dorothy Parker’s classic story, You Were Perfectly Fine.

Based on the blog traffic, you did, in fact, enjoy these posts. That makes me happy. Not because blog stats matter in the long run, but because I feel like the bigger piece of information here is that these essays were helpful and interesting. That’s all a blogger can hope for, really.

In case you missed any of this week’s discussion (or if you are looking for a one-stop listing to refer your on-line writer and reader friend), here’s a re-cap:

All of these contributions from guest writers were enjoyable to read and I’m very happy to have such wonderful writerly friends.

* * *

As a reminder: In November, I started this series of focused blog posts with a discussion of Flannery O’Connor’s story, A Good Man is Hard to Find.

Just in case you missed some of those posts, I’ve collected them all below, with links:

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed these wonderful guest posts. Let me know. I’m planning to do more in the future, but knowing they are of value to you, dear reader, would be a wonderful incentive.


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