ReBlog Day #1: Changes = New Writing Material?

For two weeks, I’ll be away from the “blogging desk” and focused on writing fiction. While I’m gone, I’m resurrecting some of the “oldies but goodies” from the last couple years. Fourteen blog entries that were among the most popular, along with a brief introduction.

Here’s today’s entry:

In June of 2010, I wrote a blog post giving our friends and family some details about a major change in our lives: A move from Kokomo, Indiana to Bradenton, Florida. At the time, I expressed my hope that living in a new area, facing new challenges, would help prod the writing life along, a bit.

In the two years (almost) that have followed, I’ve done some of my best writing. At the time, though, things were less certain. It’s good to look back at where we were, appreciate where we are.

Changes = New Writing Material?

Thanks for being a reader. I’ll return to all-new content on May 15th, or soon after.

Until then, if you are interested in reading some of my short fiction, please visit my “portfolio” page of my website and read a short story, or four, published during the past year, including Most Dead Birds Are Never Found, Dudley’s Sacrifice, Solomon’s Ditch, and Cop-Cop Cop.


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