Finishing Up With March

So, it is the last half-day of the last day of March, and you know what? 

I’m only a few dozen hits away from my all-time best traffic month on the blog, since I started it in January of 2010. 

If you have a chance, today, would you consider promoting your favorite blog post from this month by Tweeting, or sharing on Facebook, or giving a +1 on Google? Not only will it help me know which blog posts are most resonant with you, dear reader, it will also help me reach a new traffic record.

Thanks for reading, as always. Happy writing!!


2 thoughts on “Finishing Up With March

  1. Congratulations, Eric!

    I chose to share your post about “Tracking,” because it resonates with me. Since our MFA graduation, I’ve kind of ‘withdrawn’ from writing (yup, I’m one of those who feel a little ‘numb’ after the overdose of critiques). I’m not too concerned, though, because I know the characters of my w.i.p. novel will still be there when my inspiration returns. I’m also confident that I’ll be a better writer than ever, not only as an outcome of the MFA but because I’m giving myself time to assimilate the learning, incorporating the stuff I value and letting go of whatever I consider useless.

    In the meantime, I’ve taken stock of where I’m at in the process of my writing career in terms of the big picture. I made a list of what I wanted to achieve in the short, medium, and long term: get my memoir published, start working as a private writing coach, run creativity workshops, establish myself as a promoter of art, do some freelance copywriting, dip my toe into journalism, pick up some teaching gigs, and develop my social media platforms in a meaningful way.

    Of course, approaching such an ambitious list sequentially is never wise, or even practical, so I set to work on my goals in a parallel fashion, and I’ve been making great progress with most of them. I’ve run a couple of workshop, picked up several private coaching clients, become co-organizer of a freelance writers’ network, and joined a committee that puts out an anthology three times a year.

    My best news is that I’ll soon self-publish my memoir. It wasn’t an easy decision, but a liberating one, nevertheless. I’ll soon start blogging about the reasons that led me to my decision as well as the undertaking itself. But first—to get back to the concept of ‘tracking’—I intend to blog about my MFA experience, so look out for a series of posts comprising the ‘before’, ‘during,’ and ‘after.’

    Keep blogging; I enjoy your posts.


    • Thanks, Belinda. There are certainly phases to the writing life. Understanding where you are and how you are moving forward is important. I, too, have done less actual fiction writing (though, I’m still doing some) and have been in a planning/assimilating/getting a feel for the future phase, as well. April, though, I’m kicking it up a notch in the actual writing and editing of my own original work…I want to be hitting on all cylinders when I get to write in solitude for two weeks in Wyoming!!!

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