Friendly on a Monday

I usually promote other writers or blogs or interesting Twitter folks on Friday, with my “Friendly Friday” posts, but I decided to do it on Monday this week.

New blog-buddy Shannon Howell listed me in her 7×7 post from this weekend. Stories I Read, Stories I Tell was listed in the seven blogs she shared.

As tradition states, those listed in the author’s “seven” should participate by listing 7 random facts, 7 favorite posts of their own blog, and 7 other blogs that they read on a regular basis. So, adhering to that tradition, here are my “sevens”.

Seven Random Facts

I am pretty straight forward on this blog, and I’ve told a lot of random tales about myself, but here goes…

  1. See. I wasn't lying about winning a Telly...haha!

    Even though I live in Florida now, I spent most of my life in the midwest: Ohio and Indian, to be exact. I do not “miss the seasons”.

  2. In our 16 years of marriage, my wife and I have had three dogs. All have been named after literary references.
  3. I once owned a Quaker parrot, named Calvin, and I had planned to get a Sun Conure as a friend and name him Hobbes.
  4. I try to write all my blog posts for one week on Monday morning, but I’ve been terribly distracted and lacking discipline today.
  5. I’m not a “favorites” kind of person: When someone asks me to name my favorite food, book, movie, etc, I freeze up and can’t answer.
  6. My favorite Beatle is Ringo. My favorite Jackson is Tito. (I CAN pick favorites of things I’m not all that interested in…)
  7. I once won a local Telly Award for a commercial I wrote and helped direct. (See photo.) It was a fluke.

Seven Best Posts

I’m going to ignore the MFA posts (they get a lot of attention, already) and the posts that get so much web traffic (about O’Connor, Thurber, Carver, & Parker) and pick seven other posts that I like…

  1. I enjoyed doing a series of photo-inspired writing prompts. Here’s a popular one featuring a mask.
  2. I called this one “Drastic Measures” and it’s all about re-writing and editing.
  3. This post was a good one: The Way a Story Begins
  4. I’ve had several people tell me the post, Tracking Fiction Submissions, gave them something to think about.
  5. As a writer, there’s a common question that gets to me, sometimes: What Do YOU Do For a Living? Which is closely related to: You don’t WORK, you WRITE.
  6. I took a look at my own process for writing fiction in a post called, Like a Snowflake.
  7. And, finally (though, those of you with keen eyes know this is actually post eight, not seven) I blogged recently about one of the books that inspired my writing life.

Blogs I Read Regularly

  1. Andi Cumbo – Twitter friend, fellow writer, great resource.
  2. Ken Meuller (Inkling Media) – For all things social-media oriented, and a fellow writer, as well.
  3. Belinda Nicoll – A fellow Queens University of Charlotte grad, with good insights into writing.
  4. Marni Mann – A local writer friend whose new book, Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales, is out for your reading pleasure.
  5. Shawn Smucker – I just finished his book, My Amish Roots, and I’m looking forward to reading more of his work in the years to come.
  6. Jennifer Luitwieler – Gorgeous blog, another Twitter friend, but, doggone I will NEVER be featured in her Running is like Writing blog section…NEVER. 🙂
  7. Sheila Lamb – Another Queenie…and author of, Once a Goddess.


This reminds me of when I was a kid, and there were these literary pyramid schemes…well, not really, because no money was involved, but you put your name on a list, and mailed the list, and eventually you were supposed to get postcards or letters from dozens of people all over the world. Anyone else know what I’m talking about, or do I have to Goggle it??


Have a great week, everyone!!


13 thoughts on “Friendly on a Monday

    • When I say, Chain Letters, though, I think of those ones where money is involved…an actual pyramid scheme…the non-monetary ones may not have had a different name…and it wasn’t “if you don’t keep the chain going, you’ll die a horrible death” ones, either…

      The commercial was an ad commemorating the 1st anniversary of 9/11. so…a decade ago? lol.

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  3. Good post 🙂 I may have to try doing this myself. It’s funny…. we’re the same way with favorites- ask for one and I get all tongue-tied. Wonder if there’s a cute for that…. lol

    • Even more than just tongue-tied, I simply don’t have absolute favorites. *shrug* There are books/movies/foods I like for different reasons, you know? Why rank them. 🙂

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