vBlog – Don’t Idealize Yourself Out of a Writing Life


3 thoughts on “vBlog – Don’t Idealize Yourself Out of a Writing Life

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  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! The funny thing is that even when I had the ideal writer’s life, I still found ways to distract myself! Now, my motto is “Just Do It!” Which is why I found your site, to support me in this journey while I wade through the every day stuff alongside my writing!

    Thanks again!

    • One of my major goals as I transition from my MFA years into the post-MFA writing life is to help folks who either can’t, or for whatever reason don’t want to, go through a full-blown MFA experience. Specifically, helping budding fiction enthusiasts and folks who are interested in Legacy Writing find their words and begin to hone their craft a bit. I absolutely love it when someone stops by the blog (or my website) and finds something to “support them in this journey.”

      Your comment makes my day!!!

      Thanks so much for reading. Hopefully, there will be more helpful things to come!

      Happy writing!

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