Unblocker #18: Woodland Spin

Time for another photo-inspired writing prompt.

spin in the woods

Photo by Lauren Dahlhauser

A hint of movement from the girl amid the trees. This writing prompt seems to ask you to write from this beautiful young woman’s perspective, though perhaps you will take up the role of the onlooker, from the camera’s point of view.

Are you an admirer? Enemy? Stalker? Annoyed that your quiet day in the park has been interrupted? Glad to see another human being?

Is she lost? Happy? Sad? Happily lost?

I’m not sure why (though it had something to do with the word association I played while writing this post), but this photo reminded me of the lyrics to Over The Rhine‘s song, Happy To Be So…so I’ll include them here, too. (Check out OtR, if you’ve never…long time favorite of mine.)

Happy To Be So
(Words and Music 1996, Linford Detweiler)
From the album Good Dog, Bad Dog)

Anything I say will be held against me,
so I won’t say much or I’ll spill it all.
By the light of day it’s an elusive feeling,
but every single night that’s immaterial.

I know a love that will not let me go.
My heart is bound and happy to be so.
It’s so happy to be so, happy to be so,
happy, happy, happy to be so.

If I try to pray, it’s like a game of red rover.
I take a real good run at it (yes I do), but I can’t break through.
Doesn’t matter anyway. I’m so redhanded.
The game is over. I’ll just tell the truth.

I know a love that will not let me go.
My heart is bound and gagged and on death row.
It’s so happy to be so,
happy to be so,
happy, happy, happy to be so. Ooh.

Thanks again to photo-friend, Lauren, for this lovely inspiration. You can view Lauren’s photos at her 365Project Photography page, and if you are in the midwest (Indiana specifically) she might just be convinced to take some photos of (or for) you! You can email her here!

As always, Happy Writing.

P.S. If you’ve ever found one of these writing prompts to be useful, and would like to share an excerpt of something you’ve written based on an Unblocker, please contact me. I’d love to feature some original writing, right here.


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