Can Someone Explain This…Weird Blog Stats

So, here’s what I see when I look at my all-time blog stats:

Blog data screen shot

This is a screen shot of the WordPress stats for my blog. Dorothy Parker and James Thurber are cleaning up...

I’m closing in on 10,000 page views, and two posts on the stories of Dorothy Parker and James Thurber have accounted for most of those views, more than even the home page, where most people land if they follow a link to a blogpost from some other site.

What I can’t quite figure out is this: Is this legitimate traffic, or is there some D.P & J.T. auto-bot out there running up web-site hits for these two authors? And if the traffic is NOT legit, what on earth is the point?


2 thoughts on “Can Someone Explain This…Weird Blog Stats

  1. Eric, have you done a search for those topics and included your name? Sometimes if you do that, you might find that someone with a big audience has linked to your site. Just a thought…

    • Good point. I have, sort of, done that, but not with my name…with the blog name, though. For whatever reason, my little posts come up first in Google for a lot of Dorothy Parker, James Thurber, and Raymond Carver searches…or, at least on the top page…That’s another contributing factor. But it still seems odd to me that there are THAT MANY people, on a daily basis, looking for a summary of an 80 year old story… 🙂

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