Unblocker #13 – Waffle House Fiction (photo writing prompt)

I don’t know how fiction writing works for you, but for me, a new location often spurs a story, or at least a story idea. I’ve been inspired on two different occasions to write a story about a Waffle House experience (well, one wasn’t a proper Waffle House, but why quibble?).

So, for our second photo-based writing prompt, I selected a simple Waffle House scenario. Plenty of points of entry on this prompt: the waiter or cook, the patron in front of the photographer, the man looking over at the patron, from the point-of-view of the photographer…take a shot, see what ya got.

Photo courtesy of Shane Blake. You can see more of his fine photography at his website.

waffle house fiction


4 thoughts on “Unblocker #13 – Waffle House Fiction (photo writing prompt)

    • Hey, that’s the whole point…inspire the writing again. Waffle Houses are a great place to find characters, and characters drive my writing.

      Thanks for sharing, Shane, both the photo and the writing!

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