Music to Write By

Every month Amazon runs their $5 mp3 album special. 100 albums, on sale. I’ve bought a LOT of these $5 albums over the years, because they are such a good deal. (Especially some of the “best of” albums of folks who I want a sample of, but don’t want to collect every song they ever put out…)

Often, I’ll tweet or post on Facebook if there is an album or two I am especially interested in, but I thought, why not just do a run down of the monthly offerings here on the blog.

(Yes, I do get a couple pennies if you follow the links and purchase the merchandise from Amazon, but you can by-pass that and go straight in through Amazon, on your own, and find the same deals by searching…)

$5 music for August that is already in my rotation:


$5 music for August that I will likely pick up later in the month:

So, whether you listen while you work, or use music to relax after a few hours working on your next masterpiece, these are some of MY recommendations for inexpensive musical treasures. Enjoy, and Happy Writing!!

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