Unblocker #11: Photo Inspiration – Locket

Sometimes, even a traditional writing prompt isn’t enough to get us through that writer’s block, so I’ve decided to start featuring some photographs to use as inspiration. The idea is to take the photo and write something–anything, really–about what you see. Build a scene or story around the photograph. Use characters that you are already writing about, and somehow put them in the picture. (Even if…ESPECIALLY IF…the picture seems to make no sense what-so-ever in the story/novel/epic poem you are writing…let the photo shake you up…you never know what might fall out!)

Remember, even if you never use the scene or story you begin with a writing prompt, these exercises will often re-start your engine and get your words flowing again.

Locket, by Lauren Dahlhauser

This photo of a locket suspended by its chain is by photographer Lauren Dahlhauser.

So, Unblocker #11 is a beautiful photograph of a locket, suspended by a chain: Lovely colors, a background that hints at the woods or, at least, someone’s back yard.

Take a few minutes to appreciate the photo. Put your characters (or, if you like, make up some new ones) in the position of receiving this locket, or giving it, or finding it discarded on a walk…see how almost immediately there are so many paths to take? Why was it given or lost or thrown away? What does it symbolize?

It’s a heart, but what if it DOESN’T symbolize love?

These are just a few starting questions.

Thank you to Lauren Dahlhauser, a lovely photographer who contributed this photo. I will be featuring other photos by Lauren and several other photographers as part of the Unblocker series.

You can view Lauren’s photos at her 365Project Photography page, and if you are in the midwest (Indiana specifically) she might just be convinced to take some photos of (or for) you! You can email her here!


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