Tuesday blog: The Three Minute Writer #1 – vBlog

Well, here is the first of a new video blog (vBlog) feature here on the Stories I Read, Stories I Tell blog. In episode #1, I take a couple minutes to consider the proper role of the Internal Editor, as I see it.

Check it out…

Three Things to Take Away:

  1. The Internal Editor is an important aspect of who we are as writers, but that editor can sometimes take over and hinder our writing.
  2. Even though it’s hard, for some of us the best thing to do is to put that Editor away while we work on initial drafts.
  3. By putting the Editor away, we are free to let the story go, let the characters speak, let the words surprise us. And it’s okay, because there will be plenty of work for the Editor to do when we begin to revise and refine our work.
Hope you enjoyed this first attempt at a vBlog. Happy Writing!

6 thoughts on “Tuesday blog: The Three Minute Writer #1 – vBlog

  1. Great job on this video blog, Eric! I definitely resonate with this need to “banish the editor me” and “let the writer run free.” 🙂

    I’ve just finished writing my first ebook and I definitely pushed the editor aside at times… now I’m in the final editing phase where the editor has come back. It’s good to have ideas on the table at this point, however… and “the editor” can sift through and polish them.

    • Thanks Wes! The editor always has work to do…and plenty of it. I think that promise of lots of work to do makes it easier to put him aside for a bit.
      What’s the book about?

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