Monday Blog: G+ for writers…why I’m giving it a shot…

I really don’t want another social media distraction, but it turns out, I might need one.

It really hit home for me this weekend, when Facebook Chat was playing games with our news feeds and attempts to chat with others. For all of the things Facebook gets right, there are really a number of very social things it gets terribly wrong. (Ken Mueller over at Inkling Media has a good post that sort of sums up my thoughts on Facebook Chat.)

So. This morning, I jumped into the new G+ pool. G+ is Google’s answer to Facebook and Twitter, and according to reports, it’s up to ten million users in just one week. Obviously, there is a lot of curious-George types poking around to see what this is all about. I was really planning to wait, let the dust settle a bit, then see if there would be anything there worth being a part of. (I didn’t want another MySpace-type, unused, forgotten account attached to my digital name.)

The reason I changed my mind and jumped on in? This: G+ has “hangouts” and multi-user video conferencing built in, which could be a GREAT tool for writers. That Media Bistro article kind of sums up one way this feature could be useful: I have writer friends from all over the country, and it would be nice to get together and “hang out” occasionally. Maybe one of us can do a reading, or we can do a writing exercise and then share the results, or even workshop some short stories.

But I’m thinking of another use, as well. I’d like to use a video chat “Hangout” as one method of providing Fiction and Creative Writing Instruction to folks in various locations, not just here in Bradenton, Florida.

To me, that’s enough to get me started. Beyond that, we’ll have to see if G+ can keep my attention, and if the promised features actually work, they’ll be a leg-up on the quickly aging Facebook…

If you are a writer (or, interested in knowing more about writing) on G+, please let me know and I’ll add you to my “writer’s” circle.

Have a great week and, Happy Writing!!


7 thoughts on “Monday Blog: G+ for writers…why I’m giving it a shot…

  1. Eric,
    I’ve been watching your activity; not only are you an enterprising writer and teacher but you sure are blazing a trial through the social media platforms.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • So nice of you to say, Belinda. I’m learning as I go, and just trying to attack the bigger promotion and presence side of marketing one little piece at a time.

  2. Eric,

    I’m back from Ireland, slowly shaking the jet lag, and need to resume my writerly/promotional activities. How’s the G+ working for you? Do you think it’ll replace your Facebook activities or just augment it? How do I get ‘registered?’ Is Twitter working out the way you had hoped?


    • G+ isn’t doing much to get me away from Facebook, yet. It has some interesting possibilities, but I don’t see it as a Facebook replacement, at least not in the near future. I think I can send you an invite. I’ll put that on my to-do list…
      Twitter is building slowly. I use it MOSTLY as a way to gather information on publishing and make some personal connections here and there. I tend to take a couple writing breaks a day to attend to those things.
      Hope your trip was good!!!

  3. I had a lovely time with my daughter, thanks Eric; still feeling a bit disoriented and having panic attack about this last semester. No luck with generating agent interest for my memoir so far; I can try another approach (query and synopsis), or maybe my time will be better spent on working toward self-publishing it. I should also get a Twitter account up and running…another learning curve – yikes – when does it stop?

    • oh…it doesn’t stop, really, not in this age of do-it-yourself publicity and marketing. But, you also don’t have to do EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!!! One of the things I think we have to do is find balance between the creative side and the business side (or, in our cases, the pre-business side, really). Plus, we have to take full advantage of these last months in the MFA program and make them count, right? So, all that being said, for me, priority isn’t just “finishing” but “finishing strong”. All of the rest of it will still be here in January. 🙂

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