New Story, Beta Readers Requested

Hello friends,

I’ve finished an updated draft of a story called, Solomon’s Ditch. I need some beta readers, and you can help. (The link to the story is below…)

This story is complex in a way, and I’ve struggled with finding a format to tell what I want to tell, without causing too much confusion; this is exacerbated by the two-time-lines nature of the story. (That will become clear when you read it…)

Anyway, if you want to give this a read (many of us are staying indoors this weekend, eh?) and provide some feedback, that would be swell.

I’m mostly looking for reaction to what works, what doesn’t…specifically: are the characters developed and full, do you have a sense of what happens and why it’s important in the lives of these characters, do you feel an affinity to any one (or more) of them, does the story feel fully told (it IS short fiction, so there are limits to what ALL can be told, but does it make sense where it starts and where it stops), were there any notes that seemed off, places where the dialogue didn’t work or the rhythm of the piece seemed dramatically uneven…etc.

  1. What are your impressions as a reader.
  2. Try to give feedback on what could be changed to provide clarity or increase readability.
  3. Give examples of improvements, if possible; What parts work for you?

Specifically, areas to address could include:

  1. Opening
  2. Conflict
  3. Plot
  4. Setting
  5. Characterization
  6. Dialogue
  7. Point of View/Verb Tense/Verb Agreement
  8. Show versus tell; Balance of description and action
  9. Format of the text; story structure; ease of read
  10. Grammar and spelling

Download, read, and comment:  Solomon’s Ditch (.pdf file) (I have removed the link for the story at this time as I work on edits. Thanks to those of you who read it. If you can have some feedback to me, it would be much appreciated.)

I’ll leave this download up until Wednesday, February 10th. Responses by Friday, February 12th would be appreciated.




2 thoughts on “New Story, Beta Readers Requested

  1. I would like to read it and critique but I don’t want to download anything. I assume you’re doing it that way because you want it to be publishable with first rights.

    I’ll look through some of your other posts and see what’s there.

    Hope you get some good feedback on your story.

  2. Mikidemillion,
    I’m not worried about rights at this point…I’m just trying to make it easier for my beta readers to get the story. It’s easier for me to post it once, rather than responding to 6 to 10 emails and facebook posts saying, “yeah, I’ll read it”…

    Thanks for stopping in,

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